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Beauty by Abena.I was a “brain dump” of ideas that came to the CEO’s mind about the products she would want to sell if she had her own makeup brand. These thoughts were eventually written down in an orange journal containing diary entries, goals, and devotionals. A different goal or reason for each product was set up and then creation for the brand began during a global pandemic. It was truly a blessing to see the ideas go from a journal to a website, and finally, into the hands of supporters and customers.


Beauty by Abena.I aims to not only create and sell affordable, comfortable, and relatable cosmetics to cater to all walks of life, but to create a learning experience while using makeup. This is done by creating makeup products for beginners, advanced users in makeup, and those in the middle. The motto of this makeup line is an anonymous quote that says "Be your own kind of beautiful". Beauty doesn't have to be defined by what is appealing on the outside. A person can believe that they are beautiful based on their name, culture, calling, and many other aspects. No one can take such a sense of beauty away from a person. The CEO hopes that the looks created with her products will complement the person's inner and outer beauty. 

Updated in August 2023

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